Acquiring an Italian Driving Licence: A Guide for English Speakers


Driving in Italy allows you to fully explore the beauty and charm of its diverse landscapes and majestic cities. From winding through the picturesque countryside to navigating the narrow streets of Italy’s mediaeval towns, being able to drive independently provides a sense of freedom and adventure. However, acquiring an Italian driving licence can seem like a challenging task for English speakers, requiring a good understanding of the process, documents, exams, and rules.

Embarking on this informative journey, we will delve into the essential steps to secure your Italian driving licence as an English speaker. We’ll explore the application procedures, the theory and practical exams, and the importance of understanding Italian traffic laws. Additionally, we will demonstrate how Italian Connections HCB, a leading administration support provider, can aid you in successfully tackling each step of this process, ensuring every aspect is seamlessly managed.

Italian Connections HCB shines as your ultimate ally in navigating the complexities of obtaining an Italian driving licence. They offer unrivalled expertise in guiding English speakers through the process, providing translations, logistical assistance, and tailored support for both the theoretical and practical exams. By partnering with Italian Connections HCB, you gain a reliable resource capable of making your driving licence journey smooth and efficient, allowing you to focus on experiencing Italy’s wonders and making unforgettable memories.
Obtaining an Italian Driving Licence for English Speakers: Procedure, Exams, and How Italian Connections HCB Can Ensure a Smooth Process

Eligibility and Documentation Requirements

1. Eligibility: If you are a non-EU citizen residing in Italy or an EU citizen who has been living in the country for over six months, you must obtain an Italian driving licence to drive legally.

2. Documentation: You will need the following documents to apply for an Italian driving licence:

  • A valid residence permit (for non-EU citizens)
  • A tax identification number (Codice Fiscale)
  • A medical certificate proving good health
  • Proof of age (minimum of 18 years old)

Italian Connections HCB can help you gather the necessary documents and ensure a smooth application process.

Navigating the Application Process

1. Registering at a Driving School (Scuola Guida): To begin the process, enrol in a driving school that offers English language instruction. They will guide you in preparing for the theory test and practical exam. Italian Connections HCB can assist in identifying suitable driving schools in your area.

2. Submitting a Licence Application: Your driving school will submit your application to the appropriate Motorizzazione Civile (Provincial Office of Motor Vehicles) along with the necessary documentation.

3. Study and Prepare: As you await approval, use this time to study the Italian Highway Code (Codice della Strada) and familiarise yourself with road signs, signals, and regulations.

Italian Connections HCB offers translation services and useful resources to help you effectively study and revise the Highway Code in English.

Acing the Theory Test

1. Exam Structure: The theory test typically consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, to be completed within 30 minutes. To pass, you need to answer at least 36 questions correctly.

2. Test Language: While some cities offer the test in English, this may not be available everywhere. Italian Connections HCB can help you find exam centres offering English-language tests or supply resources and translations to help you study in Italian.

3. Booking an Exam: Your driving school will notify you when an exam date has been assigned, usually within a month of application submission.

Italian Connections HCB provides invaluable support to help you better understand the exam’s content and ensures you are well-prepared on the test day.

Mastering the Practical Exam

1. Road Test: Once you’ve passed the theory test, you will need to take the practical driving exam, including both manoeuvres and on-road driving portions.

2. Lessons and Practice: Your driving school will provide lessons and practice sessions required to gain proficiency in Italian driving techniques and road regulations.

3. Exam Day: During the practical exam, demonstrate your driving skills and adherence to local traffic regulations. If you pass, you will be granted your Italian driving licence.

Italian Connections HCB supports you throughout your practical driving lessons, ensuring you understand the exam requirements and essential tips for navigating Italian roads.

Converting Your Existing Licence (Only Applicable for EU Citizens)

1. Validity of Your EU Licence: EU driving licences remain valid in Italy up to the expiration date written on the licence or until you have been an Italian resident for more than two years.

2. Converting Your Licence: Within the allowed time frame, EU citizens can convert their existing driving licence to an Italian one without taking additional exams. Italian Connections HCB can assist in liaising with the relevant authorities and preparing documents to streamline the conversion process.

Italian Connections HCB’s dedicated team will ensure a smooth transition from your original EU licence to an Italian driving licence.


Obtaining an Italian driving licence as an English speaker might appear daunting, but with the proper guidance, support, and expert assistance provided by Italian Connections HCB, you can confidently navigate the process from start to finish.

From identifying suitable English-speaking driving schools to providing tailored resources for revising the Italian Highway Code, Italian Connections HCB paves the way for a successful driving licence application. By partnering with Italian Connections HCB, you can focus on enjoying the open road, exploring Italy’s picturesque landscapes, and acquainting yourself with the vibrant culture and stunning regional differences that make Italy truly extraordinary.

With Italian Connections HCB by your side, your Italian driving licence journey will be an experience marked by seamless administration, reliable expertise, and unfaltering support, liberating you to embrace la dolce vita behind the wheel. Let us help make living in Italy as an expat so much easier for you. Contact us today!

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