How my own experience of moving to Italy can make yours easier!

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Ciao, I’m Silvia from Italian Connections HCB and I’m writing with good news if you’re new to Italy or thinking of moving here.

Relocating to a new country is an exciting and brave adventure, but it can sometimes be stressful. I know because I’ve lived in different countries myself and moved many times before deciding to return permanently to my homeland. I pictured myself breathing in all of Italy’s wonderful culture, experiencing the warmth and fun of the people and settling easily back into the country I love. The trouble is, along with this wonderfully romantic view came a lot of bureaucracy!

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but I have to admit it has its own challenges in the form of administration. Depending on where you choose to live, you might face complex procedures, lengthy application forms, phone calls, statements, meetings and what feels like thousands of documents.

Even for me as a native Italian speaker, it wasn’t easy. I had to ‘prendere il toro per le corna’ as we say here and teach myself how to make sense of the administrative obligations from scratch.

Then I realised that I could use that knowledge to smooth the way for other people moving to Italy. And that’s what Italian Connections HCB is all about.

We are here to help the non-Italian speaking community overcome the language barrier and navigate the administrative, financial and purchasing processes, whether you already live here or are looking to move to this amazing country! 

Visa / Residency / Permesso di Soggiorno / Identity card 

We help with application or renewal of essential documents to allow you to live in Italy. 

House Purchase or Rental 

We help you search for your perfect home to buy or rent, including organising inspections, negotiating with agencies and vendors, verifying the contract, recommending a notary and setting up utilities when you move in. 

Removals (Car and Personal Goods) 

We organise transport of your vehicle and of your household goods through our experienced air/road/sea removals partners.

Car registration 

We can register your car or motorbike, including Classic models, sort out vehicle insurance and organise driving licence exchange where permitted.

Tessera Sanitaria / Health Insurance 

We advise you on the documents you need and on the application process to secure your Italian health card (Tessera Sanitaria). We can also provide options for private health insurance if required.

Tax and Financial Advice 

We offer expert advice on tax, funds and investments, establishing a company, self-employment and Partita IVA, as well as setting up your Codice Fiscale.

Our goal is to smooth your way through the paperwork, freeing you up to enjoy your life in Italy hassle-free!  

Just choose from our services or ask for your own tailored service and we’ll make it happen. To get things started, you can book a FREE initial 15-minute consultation by clicking here.

In the meantime, enjoy Italy! 

Cordiali saluti,


Italian Connections HCB

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